ULTATEL is a VoIP provider in the extremely crowded and competitive business phone landscape. There are hundreds of competitors both large and small. The challenge is to set ULTATEL apart with brand benefits and to communicate those benefits as unique and to establish a sense of FOMO if a business chooses a provider other than ULTATEL.

The tagline “Innovation to Celebration” was originated from common customer stories of asking for a particular feature that was not part of ULTATEL’s offering, but through development, the feature was added to the joy of the customer.

Establishing The Brand

The commitment to innovation drove the branding. A style of futuristic, clean, and happy productivity was established.

With such a competitive industry with hundreds of similar providers, unique value differentiators needed to speak for the ULTATEL brand.

Pain-points, savings, and other obvious features are to be included, but what separates ULTATEL from the competition? The answer is in its commitment to innovation and that the future is where ULTATEL is taking your business. 

Clean – Use of White

Articulating UCaaS technology can be difficult, but a clean, hierarchical flow of imagery and text can establish a brand as easy, fun, simple to understand, but also advanced and progressive.

Easy on the Eyes & Mind

The use of icons and straight forward illustrations and diagrams helps the audience understand complex concepts. 

Modern Photography

Though no masked subjects were used, the setting, action, and subject all reflected the new work from anywhere on any device world. Subjects are diverse, happy, and productive.

The Future

Headlines and copy reflect an aspirational world where life becomes more easy, more advanced, with more that is possible.

The numbers

With the combined effort of active and passive marketing the digital and phone traffic for ULTATEL sales increased dramatically. The active marketing through primarily Google, Facebook and Linkedin ads and cold calling with agents armed with collateral, website pages, and videos to share saw strong consistent growth month over month.

The passive marketing through brand awareness on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and Twitter helped establish ULTATEL as a serious service provider in a sea of known and unknown business cloud phone companies.



Social Media Followers Increase = 85%

Conversion Rate Increase = 90%

Website Traffic Increase = 77%

Marketing Materials Produced

Total Leads

Revenue Increase (YOY)

Video Views


Now Easier Commercial
Microsoft Teams Integration Commercial
Microsoft Teams Integration Explainer
Your Business Needs Commercial
Connect Microsoft Teams Commercial
How to use ULTATEL with Teams Tutorial

Print & Digital

ULTATEL is for the most part an unknown brand. What the sales teams relies on is an introductory email with links or attachments to compelling creative that gives ULTATEL instant respect and attention. Different collateral was produced to be the rep’s quiver to attach or link for the necessary pain point or industry the lead belonged to.


A Business Cloud Phone Buyer's Guide

Evergreen 1-4 Page Sell Sheets

Customizable Sell Sheets for Reps' Info/Message

Industry or Pain Point Specific

Photos and copy are catered to a particular audience highlighting features important to that audience.

Responsive Design (not in the web way)

The first page can be a self contained piece of media, but each pdf had multiple pages that could be included that scaled in technical knowledge and attention span.

Design Consistent Throughout

The clean design, photo & shape use, and other design elements then dictated the look and feel of the sales proposals, sales presentations and additional assets for the various teams. Non-sales materials included configuration manuals and partner programs.


After the lead has been introduced to the ULTATEL brand they investigate the company primarily through the website. Here, the brand principles and a deeper dive into the technology gives further credence to what the brand is promising.

Search Ads / Display Banners

For the most part, a user will see the banners after visiting a landing page, or website visit so the user is somewhat familiar with the brand and the offering. In order to make a memorable impression, Google Web Designer HTML5 animations were used that not only offer a promotion, listed benefits, showed a happy productive user, but also ended with the array of devices that ULTATEL improved.

The final image was a collage of devices, showing multiple forms of communication including Microsoft Teams. The copy of “The Ultimate Business Cloud Solution” hammered home that other service providers just couldn’t beat ULTATEL’s offering.

The Apple| Android | Windows App

The Clarity Connect App is a softphone which is a phone that can be used on a computer, whether that is desktop or mobile. Designing the app called for an intuitive UI and UX and a style that adhered to the establishing ULTATEL brand. The result is a fun and easy to use app with strong brand recognition while using the app.

Marketing Clarity Connect through video, app stores, and social media called for a consistent campaign that attracted users who were not familiar with the ULTATEL brand. Apple, Google and Microsoft approved the marketing materials on their respective stores to truly reflect the app’s practical use and potential. The videos seen here are 30 second commercials that give the app desirability through music, motion graphics, and copy.

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:

Social Media

Cloud phone systems do not have a wide inherit enthusiastic audience, but a solid following was repeatedly ascertained through insightful and interesting content based on the future of work, tips on working remotely during the pandemic, and added benefits that resulted from ULTATEL.

The schedule was once or twice a week so as to not dilute each post and a mix of static, video, and links to articles or the ULTATEL blog were used to keep the content fresh. Overall the theme to all posts were to the benefit of the viewer, educating them on benefits of ULTATEL’s suite of services and products or benefits indirectly related, but benefits nonetheless.

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