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The Trusted Business Solution that brings Innovation to Celebration

Innovation for any device, any where

ULTATEL is not just a VoIP company or a communications company, it is your innovation partner.

24/7/365 HUMAN Ultimate Customer Support Making It Easy

ULTATEL formed out of the need for innovation and allies in a communication provider. It started with a question, can you help?

Reliability and the Celebration of  Success

99.999% Uptime Reliability results in ULTATEL’s success in the client’s success. ULTATEL’s mission is… Innovation to Celebration.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Learn Why Your Business Needs ULTATEL


ULTATEL formed to create the ultimate cloud phone system through innovation and problem-solving. Innovation is key to everything we do and innovation is what drives us to improve everything every day.

Let’s innovate together.


ULTATEL formed to create the ultimate cloud phone system through innovation and problem solving. Innovation is key to everything we do and innovation is what drives us to improve everything every day.

Let’s innovate together.

How It Works

INTEGRATE With Your Business Tools

Enabling direct routing with ULTATEL empowers your workforce to make and receive outside calls and text messages within Microsoft Teams. And with 24/7/365 human support, there if your team needs it, collaboration and teamwork has never been easier.

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What is ULTATEL, and what can it do?

ULTATEL is the ultimate business communication solution for any business, for any employee to be used on any device. Phone, text messaging (SMS), video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, CRM integration, call analytics and more all in one platform meant to increase productivity…. and most importantly, make business easy. 

Businesses of all sizes use ULTATEL, small local shops to global conglomerates.  

How much does ULTATEL cost?

ULTATEL starts at just $18 per user per month, but based on the number of users and the contract term it can change. One of the reasons ULTATEL formed was to provide cost effective communication tools. On average, ULTATEL clients see a cost reduction of around 25% and some see much more. Some people still talk about Cloud VoIP and internet phone service, but ULTATEL considers its product the future of communication. With innovation at the heart of the company’s mission new features and improvement are continually being produced. 

Compared to traditional PBX systems which are typically located at the business location, an ULTATEL cloud solution can be up to 60% less. 

Does ULTATEL Support Microsoft Direct Dialing?

Microsoft Teams is a great collaboration tool and if your employees already use it, ULTATEL is one of a handful with complete Microsoft teams integration. Want to make calls and text messages (SMS) with

Microsoft Teams? ULTATEL Session boarder controller (SBC) and direct routing solution enable you to activate calling and SMS functionality from Microsoft teams interface (desktop, mobile app and web).

Innovation to Celebration is our motto so contact us today to tell us how we can help even further and we will provide an ULTATEL solution tailored to your needs.

Is ULTATEL or VoIP in general cheaper than a landline?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an old term, but it is the core of ULTATEL’s solution. The short answer is yes and very much so. ULTATEL offers twice the audio bandwidth and costs significantly less than traditional telephone systems which I usually referred to as PBX (Private Branch Exchange). A business saves right away with the switch because there is less hardware costs and maintenance costs, but a business also gains many ULTATEL features like unlimited calling, online faxing, call routing and much more. 

How do I get a phone number for my business?

ULTATEL will handle the transition for your business with the care of white gloves, featuring fine crystal. If you like to keep your phone numbers as most businesses do, we help you port them over to ULTATEL’s system and if you want new phone numbers for your business we will help registering them. After the phone numbers have been registered and ported, your business is good to start using ULTATEL via desktop phone, desktop computer, tablet, or other mobile device via our softphone solution, Clarity Connect. 

Call us at (1-844-ULTATEL) to evaluate your business communication needs, and we’ll guide you to the right solution. 

Can I use my existing number with ULTATEL?

Yes! Most businesses want to use their existing numbers and it’s clear why. We even recommend porting old numbers your business doesn’t think they use anymore because you never know if a big deal is out there holding an old business card or advertisement and uses that stale number. It’s a painless process and ULTATEL’s installation team and your personal representative will handle it all. They just need an old phone bill and a signature on a letter we will provide that says you want to move your number. It may seem somewhat scary, but it’s not and we’ll happily handle it all. 

Is ULTATEL Reliable?

ULTATEL was named Enterprise Networking’s Top Ten VoIP Solution Providers for 2019 & 2020  and Deloitte Technology Fast 500 because of our commitment to reliability. 99.999% uptime is ULTATEL’s promise of service.  

Ultimate Customer Support is also a core tenet of ULTATEL. 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, ULTATEL is there with friendly, easy, HUMAN support in case any help is needed. There’s enough to worry about when running a business, your phone or communication system should not be one of them.  

How do I make a conference call with ULTATEL?

You can easily make conference calls with ULTATEL no matter what device you are using or where your employees are. With just a few clicks or buttons and collaboration is seconds away. Some great ULTATEL features for conference calls or just regular two-way calls are call recording, call whispering, call greetings, and the peace of mind knowing that every call is in high definition so no matter where the participants are in the world, they will sound like they’re in the same room. 

How does ULTATEL help companies work remotely?

With ULTATEL your business has a partner that is committed to helping your employees work from anywhere, at any time, on any device. With the pandemic of CoVid-19, this is especially important and ULTATEL offers a wide range of capabilities to work anywhere. 

Your cloud phone system is not tied down to a certain location or device. It’s in the cloud so as long as there is internet, you have access to your phone and other ULTATEL features. Conference calling, text messaging, CRM and business tool integration, video calling, and advanced features like call analytics, IVR or auto attendant, call recording, call forwarding, caller ID and more are a touch away. 

Does I need to have a third party Session boarder controller for Teams?

No, ULTATEL offer a complete Microsoft teams integration with ULTATEL’s SBC and sip trunks or ULTATEL cloud phone system. No hardware needed as ULTATEL’s SBC is 100% Cloud based service.

Does ULTATEL offer CRM Integration?

Yes! Many businesses are using a customer relation management tool to help the customer experience and ULTATEL features amplify these tools. Salesforce, zoho, Zendesk, Pipedrive, and other applications integrate flawlessly to your ULTATEL system.

Can I use ULTATEL on my cell phone?

Yes! ULTATEL’s softphone Clarity Connect allows your business to enjoy all of the benefits on your mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. No cell signal, no problem, as long as there’s internet, your business phone system is running.  

Work remotely, work in a conference room away from your desk or transfer a call from one device to another with ease.  

Does ULTATEL offer monthly plans?

Flexibility is another core tenet of ULTATEL’s mission. Rigid contracts, surprise fees and mysterious charges are infamous with phone and communication providers. No so with ULTATEL. We offer cloud business phone options for all of your business needsIf you want a monthly plan with no commitment, let us know and we’ll get you what you need. Want to maximize your savings and sign up for a yearly deal, the answer is the same, we’ll get you what you need. 

For more information, visit ULTATEL’s pricing page. 

Which companies use ULTATEL?

Whether your business is small, medium-sized, or large, ULTATEL’s solution can improve employee productivity and lower costs. Current clients are businesses of all sizes; health care providers, car dealerships, retail stores, government contractors, contact centers or call centers, insurance agencies, multinational enterprises, and many more throughout the world.

Our team of experts will guide your business with the ultimate business cloud phone system. Let us know what is needed and you can receive a customized solution to perfect your business needs. And even if you want to still use your recently purchased on-premise PBX, your business can utilize ULTATEL SIP Trunking and other ULTATEL features.

We are proud of our clients and we serve them so that they can be proud of ULTATEL. Our motto is Innovation to Celebration because when they succeed, ULTATEL succeeds. Regardless of the business size, sector or location, ULTATEL’s promise is complete dedication to help and grow your business.